DataPower Extension Functions and Elements

Anyone who has spent time working with DataPower has had to write an XSLT stylesheet at some point.  DataPower provides a library of functions and elements that provide access to various DataPower functionality.

Documentation for the 4.0.2.x firmware’s extension functions and elements can be found here.  An older PDF that I often refer to can be found here.

I’m not going to reproduce this documentation here.  It’s all accessible on IBM’s website.  But, from time-to-time, I will document some things that I’ve learned while using these functions and elements.

Note, that anything that can be used in an XPath expression is a function and anything that is used as part of the structure of the stylesheet (which is itself an XML document) is called an element.  Take note of which one you are trying to use.  This can lead to annoying problems and cryptic errors.

Pay attention to the function’s arguments’ data types.  There are four XPath data types that are used by these functions: boolean, Node set, Number, and string.

The Extension Catalog documents the namespaces that are used for each function and element.  Make sure you add the appropriate namespace definitions to the stylesheet header.