IBM Impact 2012 Client Panel: Experiences with IBM SOA Stack Rollout

I will be leading a discussion panel at IBM Impact 2012 in Las Vegas on Monday, April 30th, 3:45-4pm.  More information can be found here.  It will be an open ended discussion and Q&A session detailing experiences rolling out IBM technology for an ESB.  I’ve done this at a couple of different companies.

The session description:

This Panel Discussion will give attendees an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of deploying an WebSphere DataPower/MQ-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in a large enterprise environment. Robert Broeckelmann, Partner & Principal Consultant at Nova Ordis, LLC and Justin Katen, SOA Architect at MasterCard WorldWide will describe some of the experiences that they have had testing, designing, and implementing an Enterprise Service Bus using IBM technology. The audience will be able to ask questions (high-level and detailed). Experiences with WSRR for SOA Governance & Service Lifecycle Management and ITCAMS for monitoring will also be explored.

See you there!