rcbj.net Conventions

Conventions worth noting for rcbj.net articles & tutorials:

  1. For simple examples involving one class, I’ll rely on javac directly for compilation. For anything more complex, Ant will be used for build control.
  2. In general, Sun Java 1.5.0_xx (latest patch) will be used for examples referenced in articles. Any deviations will be noted, in the article introduction.
    • 12/15/2008 — Started using Sun Java 1.6.0 as the usual version of Java, unless otherwise noted. IBM Java 1.6.0 is also used on occasion. Generally, the 64-bit JVM.
  3. x86 Windows running Cygwin and Fedora Core x86 linux is the OS where examples will be tested. Of course, Java is supposed to be platform dependent, but there are plenty of gotchas. This will provide a common base from which to start. It is recommended that any attempts to work with the tutorials be performed on one of these platforms.
    • 1/1/2009 — Examples will be developed and tested on an x86 64-bit VMWare Virtual Machine running a 64-bit Linux kernel (Fedora Core 9).
  4. The author is rather fond of Bash shell scripts. So, whenever a scripting language is needed to tie pieces together, expect a shell script to be utilized. For all of the Perl enthusists out there who find this offensive, deal with it.
  5. If I’m not mistaken, conventional written English calls for punctuation to be included inside of quotation marks, as in the following example:
    • The Perl coder said, “My language is superior.” Notice, how the ending period is inside quotation marks. To eliminate any potential ambiguety regarding what is part of a command and what is punctuation, this site will always include such constructs outside of the quotations marks.
  6. We are routinely discussing middleware and client-server technologies. In general, I will use “the server-side” to refer to the server side of any client-server technology. Likewise, I will use “the client-side” to refer to the client side of any client-server technology.

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