RCBJ.NET – About Us


We provide consulting services for computer software development, computer programming and security, as well as business IT work

The RCBJ.NET blog is run by Iya CyberSecurtity Solutions,LLC (IYASEC). IYASEC is a boutique cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in application security, API Security, identity, and API Management.  We have worked in the financial services, retail, and insurance industries.  We design and implement secure solutions for large enterprise platforms that service a wide variety of applications as well as product development for technology companies.

We advocate a security-first architecture design approach to applications and systems.  Our solutions follow a specification-based (vendor agnostic) philosophy to the greatest extent possible to avoid vendor/product lock-in.  We specialize in multi-vendor solutions that involve heavy integration while maintaining security.

We have been called on to perform security audits of live systems and new systems.  We have performed post-mortems of security incidents.  In short, our cybersecurity consulting services span from security threat analysis to incident response and forensics, and from remote management of IT systems to cloud computing services.