JBoss World 2012 Session…

I will be presenting at JBoss World 2012 in Boston the last week of June.  I’ll be presenting with Anil Saldana on JBoss Security, PicketLink, and Identity Management, JBoss Security Architect.  A link to the description can be found here.  The original abstract:

This session will introduce the security concepts of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform via an exploration of relevant use cases. Red Hat’s Anil Saldhana and Nova Ordis’ Robert C. Broeckelmann Jr. will discuss best practices and strategies for authentication, authorization, and identity management and provide demos of those concepts. Emphasis will be given to the inner details of security in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and PicketLink.

Join Anil and Robert to learn more about advanced trust capabilities such as SAML, WS-Trust, Identity Propagation, message-level security, WS-Security, and WS-Security Policy. Discover how the use of a policy definition in a single human-readable and machine-readable format can reduce the configuration and/or coding requirements for a secure system.

Stop by if you’re at JBoss World!