JBoss World 2012 Session–Trusted Security with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted any updates.  I started a new project at the beginning of June; it always takes a few weeks to get up to speed on an extended project.  Integrating the IBM Tivoli Security stack and JBoss EAP was the subject of my JBoss World 2012 presentation.

I posted the original abstract and details here.

Here is the presentation slide deck.

Here is the link to the presentation on redhat.com.  Note, that as of 7/1/2012, an old version of the presentation is published here.  It should be updated shortly.  Use the link on Thinkmiddleware.com.

Please contact me directly if you are trying to make the scenarios described in this paper function in your environment and would like to have more information.