XSLT & XPath

XSLT is the only scripting language supported by WebSphere DataPower appliances.  It is the only way to customize DataPower functionality and behavior.  So, anyone that works with DataPower for a while will sooner be writing XSLT stylesheets.

Given the beginnings of DataPower as an XML Gateway, it makes sense that there would be strong support for XSLT.

This post provides a couple of links that will be of use to anyone attempting to write a stylesheet for the current DataPower firmware generation-v4.0.2.x.

I took Introduction to Quantum Physics at Washington University in St. Louis in the of Fall, 1998.  I got a B in the class as I recall; I also recall getting a 48% on the final.  The first week of class, I remember the professor saying something along the lines of, “No one ever really understands Quantum Mechanics, they just get used to it.”  The same can be said for XSLT in my experience.  I’m sure I’m insulting someone, somewhere with that statement.  Please address hate mail to the link at the bottom of the screen.

For DataPower specific functions and elements, check out this post.

A sample DataPower stylesheet starting point can be found here.