Protocol Transformations

Previously, I wrote a Wire Protocols post that outlined the common protocols that I’ve encountered when working with ESBs and SOA technology-especially DataPower.  A primary function of an ESB is to provide the ability to convert service requests between these different protocols in a mostly transparent manner.  I’d love to say that it is transparent, but nothing ever quite works that waySmile.

Most ESB products provide support for the protocols listed here and can convert between those protocols via a configuration-driven architecture-rather than programming.

The single most common protocol conversation that I have seen done with DataPower XI50/XI52s is HTTP<->WMQ (Websphere MQ).  Note, that DataPower can only act as an MQ client; there is no Queue Manager (or persistence) on the appliance itself.  This functionality is provided through a Multi-Protocol Gateway(MPG).

In the future, I will lay out the details involved in configuring a Protocol Transformation in DataPower.