Universal Exterminator

I took CS450–Game Programming– at Wash U in Fall, 2005. This was the result. This was the end result. My group called themselves “Die Sphere, Die!”–you may notice our logo pop up occasionally.

I’ve provided a compiled executable and all the art work necessary to make the game work. This game uses the Torque Game Engine.

You can download the gameĀ here.

Torque can be rather picky about which video cards it supports. Check out www.garagegames.com for a list of supported video cards. I compiled this in Dec,2006. I scanned it before I put it out here, but you should always scan any program with a Virus Scanner before running it (I’m sure you’re familiar with the disclaimer). The Torque Game Engine opens a socket connection to its master game server at start up. It disconnects shortly thereafter, but if you are behind a firewall, at work, or anywhere else where someone might be upset that this might occur, I’d recommend not running the game there–if you’re at work, you should be working. This is the result of about ten weeks of work for five people; I did the AI programming for the enemies. This was an exercise in learning; there are a lot of things that could be improved in this game. There are two levels included here: “Sphere Annhiliation” & “Big Valley w/ Rock”. The first level was our end-of-semester deliverable. The second was a stress-test level to see how many enemies we could get on the screen at once.

The controls:

  • W – Walk Forward
  • S – Walk Backwards
  • A – Left Strife
  • D – Right Strife
  • Right-mouse button – Fire
  • Use the mouse to look around. You move in the direction you are looking–standard FPS shooter setup.
  • 1 – Modified Shotgun
  • 2 – Machine Gun
  • 3 – ?
  • 4 – Pulse Laser
  • 5 – Bazooka

There are several different kinds of enemies–all the same model with different colors. We stole all the art work off the internet. Each enemy does different types of damage (to include immobilizaton and poison).

7/18/2008 — Update — This program is known to work with Windows XP SP2.